About Us and Our Philosphy

Our Childcare Philosophy

We recognise that each child is unique with unique needs and interests and we will ensure that we provide childcare that meets their unique needs in a fun, friendly and flexible way.

We believe that well-organised children's facilities help develop a child's social skills as well as aiding their general development, therefore giving them a better start in life. We try to ensure a warm and homely atmosphere allowing children to relax and play.

We believe that each child is a unique individual and we use this as the basis of our approach to childcare. Children are therefore allowed to make choices within the setting based on their own preferences and staff will take their wishes into consideration when planning the sessions.


Quality childcare is dependant on quality staffing. 

Activities within the scheme will be designed to ensure that it is a stimulating place for children. They will also assist children to develop self-reliance, self-expression and an understanding of the needs of others within a happy and caring environment. 

We operate within the framework of an equal opportunities policy and all activities will take into account a child's religion, social origin, cultural and linguistic background.